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Simple and well-informed
Crypto investing

Low cost and hassle-free way to build your self-driving, market-tracking crypto asset portfolio.
Diversify into the crypto market the right way.

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Select Portfolio Based on

You will have 100% decision on how you manage your assets. Derysq will be your guide on what can potentially maximize returns and mitigate losses.

Own Your Crypto Index Portfolio

Crypto index portfolio is a basket of tokens that you can directly purchase to track the return of the overall market and diversify beyond just one or two select crypto tokens.

Self Driving Portfolio

Select a portfolio or basket of crypto assets that automatically executes your decision to achieve your return goals and risk preference

What We Offer

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Diversify into the crypto market the right way.

We will inform you as soon as we launch.
Thank you!

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Our Mission

We aim to make crypto investing simple by helping you build your diversified crypto assets portfolio that matches your goals and preference.

Our approach enables you to diversify into the crypto market the right way by reducing personal selection bias and mitigating risks associated with lack of exposure to the broader crypto market.

Our system is designed to reallocate your portfolio's underlying assets given market signals thereby allowing you to target your desired return per risk based on your portfolio management style.

Our Misson

Vin Noche
CEO of Qinta Inc.

Experienced Finance
Professional & Trained CPA

Experience at Google

Cambridge University
Master of Finance

Ivy Andreenkova
CTO of Qinta Inc.

Experienced Product
Manager & Software

Experience at PropertyGuru

BYU Marriott School of
Business, MBA

Meet the Team

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